Course Leaders

Allan R LeeAllan R. Lee

Allan’s theological training includes graduation from Moody Bible Institute (Chicago, Il.), Trinity College (BA) and Evangelical Divinity School (M.Div. transf., Deerfield, Il.), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M; Th.D. [abd] studies) and doctoral studies at The University of Dallas (Dallas, Tx.) He most recently served as the Sr. Pastor-teacher of Calvary Bible Church, Nassau Bahamas, from September 1992 to August 2013.


Patrick & Monalisa RutherfordsPatrick Rutherford

Patrick and Monalisa Rutherford were born in Nassau.  Patrick is a former teacher and Vice Principal working in the Bahamas and the U.S.  Patrick and Monalisa are missionaries working with Precept Ministries International out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, seeking to train, equip, and raise up leaders within the local church who would rightly divide the Word of Truth.  They returned from the U.S. in 2001, and began Precept Ministries of the Caribbean Islands.

Patrick is an ordained minister and the Regional Director for the work in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  Precept Ministries of the Caribbean Islands’ goal is to establish people in God’s Word, and their vision is to see God’s people living exemplary lives as followers of Jesus Christ who would study the Word inductively, view the world biblically, make disciples intentionally and serve the church faithfully in the power of the Holy Spirit.  The couple is happily married with four children.  Their passion is “To see God’s people ignite in God’s Word.”


Dr. James O. SmithJames O. Smith

My wife Kathleen and I intensely desire to glorify God in all we do – from practicing medicine to building a God-centered marriage to teaching ministry to raising godly children. We believe that in teaching we can glorify God best and therefore we are training and seeking to teach where God gives us opportunity.

I anticipate completing my PhD at Dallas Seminary this year and then moving into more ministry opportunities. This may be in medical education, on the mission field, in Bible teaching or apologetics ministry or a combination thereof.

I am committed to the inerrancy and authority of the Scriptures, and I am especially interested in apologetics because of my background in science.

We are not pursuing a paid position at this time as we have endeavored through the years to be unencumbered for the sake of broader ministry.



Dr. Tom Woodward

Tom Woodward, the author of Darwin Strikes Back: Defending the Science of Intelligent Design, is also coauthor with Dr. James Gills of The Mysterious Epigenome:  What Lies Beyond DNA (2012).  
A graduate of Princeton University, he received a Th.M. in Systematic Theology from Dallas Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of South Florida.  His Ph.D. specialty was the Rhetoric of Science, and his research focus has been the history of the scientific debate over intelligent design and neo-Darwinism.   
Dr. Woodward is Research Professor at Trinity College of Florida in Tampa, where he has taught theology, apologetics and the history of science for 26 years.   Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe (author of the bestseller “Darwin’s Black Box”) has described Dr. Woodward as the “premier historian of intelligent design.”   Woodward was invited by CNBC TV Network to engage Dr. Brian Alters of McGill University in an “evolution debate” moderated by Carl Quintanilla on the Squawk Box morning program.  He has also engaged in four university campus debates:  with renowned Darwinist Michael Ruse, with Dr. Donald Weinshank (Michigan State University); with Dr. John MacDonald (U. of Delaware); and with Italian evolutionist, Dr. Boncinelli (U. of La Sapienza, Rome).
The C. S. Lewis Society, founded at Princeton, was re-established by Dr. Woodward in 1988 at Trinity College.  It hosted lectures, conferences and debates on 85 university campuses in the US and 37 foreign countries.  The diverse topics included  “Evolution: A Theory in Crisis,” “C.S. Lewis and the Art of Being Shocked,”  “DNA’s DNA,” and “Is God a Delusion?”.  Presentations have been given at Princeton University, Dartmouth College, and Cambridge University.  He has spoken at Mclean Bible Church of Washington, D.C.  Calvary Chapels of Ft. Lauderdale and Philadelphia, Westminster Chapel in London, Surfers’ Paradise Church in Australia, and Mision Mundial Church in Lima, Peru.  He was featured on Chuck Colson’s “Breakpoint,”  “Janet Parshall’s America” and Hank Hanegraaff’s “Bible Answer Man” program.  
Woodward’s 2002 book Darwinism Under the Microscope, was co-edited with Dr. James Gills.  He is the author of two books which trace the debate between Darwinism and intelligent design.  His first book, Doubts about Darwin (Baker 2003), won a national book award from Christianity Today in the “Christianity and Culture” category.  His second book on the “design controversy,” Darwin Strikes Back (Baker 2006), was released in a Spanish translation (“Darwin Contraataca”) by Portavoz in 2008.
Woodward hosted a weekly radio program since 2006: “Darwin or Design.” In 2012 it took on a new name:  The Universe Next Door.  It is aired on WTBN in Tampa, and on several stations in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and California.  It is accessible on the internet at each Saturday at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.
Dr. Woodward’s interview on the Apologetics 315 Program is found at 
Selected podcasts of his radio programs can be linked to at  Link to (provided by WTBN Radio) for all recent programs.