Christopher Columbus: An Alternative View

Attached is a message I preached during a Missionary Conference at Calvary Bible Church, of which I was the Sr. Pastor-teacher at the time.
The “quincentenary of Columbus’ discovery” happened to fall on that particular Sunday, Oct. 12, 1992. It was also a time in which much negative focus was being placed on Columbus and talk about demolishing his statue at Government House was being promoted by some. This struck a note, because of the fact that I had done a research paper at Dallas Theological seminary on Columbus and the impact of his religious life may have made on the Bahamas.
The message was based on that study. It was also broadcast over ZNS and as a result, a number of students from the College of the Bahamas came in to see me because they were doing a paper on Columbus at the time. They all noted that none of their teachers had mentioned Columbus’ book, “The Book of Prophecies.”
Allan R. Lee Sr.
Pastor Emeritus, Founder/President Teleios Ministries