Teleios Theological Training Institute 2015

teleious_side_pics_SCHOOLThe transition from CBC to Teleios as my new “place of ministry” has been completed!
My library of books has all been moved from my office at CBC, ( hundred of volumes!) where it has been for the last 21 years, to my new office at Teleios Theological Training Inst. 30 Montrose Avenue at Monfort St. on the 2nd floor, where they have been added to  hundreds of more volumes!, all dealing with matters related to the Word of God and Christianity in particular and world religions in general, where they will be until The Lord determines otherwise.
Teleios will now become  THE Resource Center for Theological and Biblical Study and Research, providing assistance for and to anyone who wants to do any kind of research related to the Bible and the Christian Faith in general – even assisting in sermon and Sunday School Lesson preparation. Call Patrice or myself at 356-7135 to arrange a suitable time.
Immediate future plans include the following:
Modules: Well trained, professional instructors, primarily associated with Dallas Theological Seminary, will teach special classes following the Module model: Classes are held on Friday evenings, 6:30-9:30 PM and Saturday, 9:00AM – 1:00PM each month. Visiting professor, Dr. James Smith, an adjunct professor of DTS and also a well known Cardiologist has already taught modules on the Survey of the Old & New Testaments.
Saturday Night Live Lectures: (Planned to begin in May or June!) This will be an ongoing ministry that will expose Bible students and all Christians who are committed to genuine spiritual growth to Bible based truths that are not normally available in traditional church services or Sunday School. Each lecture will be followed by a time of response that will allow for questions, comments and further input from the participants. These lecture will be designed to make Theology come alive to growing Christians.
Noon Time Theological Discussion for Pastors & Church Leaders: (To begin in June) Pastors from all denominations will be invited to enjoy a time of light refreshments as we discuss vital theological issues in the light of the true “Catholic” [universal] Church. Church history will be a major part of our dialogue.
THE Resource Center for Theological and Biblical Study and Research: {see above for details] OnLine Classes will be available for students who cannot attend on-site and to allow instructors to continue with classes, even if off the island, or for some other reason, unable to be on site at any given time.
Other plans are “in the works,” and will be made known as soon as they are completed.

Let’s “Do Theology!”