Does The Bible Teach That God Hates Some Sinners?

We had an interesting discussion at a recent Teleios class regarding the subject of the title of today’s blog. Thought it would be interesting, informative and perhaps, even enlightening if I blogged it for further input. I’ve concluded that there are two major positions that are used to “explain away” the apparent clear Biblical statements in the affirmative in reply to the question: one is simply to state, that in spite of these statements, they cannot be taken “literally” or on “face value” simply because of the fact that God is Love, and the Bible tells us again and again that God loves “the world” in the usual sense of that word = “all people in the world,’ not ‘the world of the elect.” However, I believe this does not deal exegetically with the texts that seem to clearly state that God does indeed, hate at least, “some” sinners.
Here is an article that attempts to deal with these texts exegetically. It’s old, but well worth the read. However, I still personally believe that its still “wanting” in many respects! But I would love to hear from some of you “Teleiogs” out there!
 The article follows:

“God Hates Sinners!

Does God hate anyone? The answer is yes.