“Bumper Sticker” Preaching

I am appalled at the careless and erroneous way preachers “proclaim” the gospel and teach the Word today. No wonder our people are so confused in their beliefs – they don’t really know WHAT to believe!

Just hear another preacher say ail boldness: “Jesus received our sin for us on the cross.” If this were true, it would mean that Jesus BECAME a sinner “for us.” If this were true, He would not be able to be our sinless sacrifice. Jesus received the penalty/punishment for our sin. He did not receive our sin. The accurate translation/interpretation of 1 Cor. 5:21 is that “He [Jesus] was made an atoning sacrifice for us.”

Also heard one say again: “Salvation is free, it’s all of grace – but you have you have to come to the front and say the sinner’s prayer to be saved.” This is a “bait and switch” ploy to make the preacher look successful. The ONLY condition to be saved according to “the Gospel of grace” is to BELIEVE in the Christ of that Gospel. Any addition to it is “another gospel,” which is not a gospel at all – its a gospel of man, not THE Gospel of God.

It seems as though preachers, in seeking to “draw the crowds” and “tickle the ears” of people, concentrate on devising slick, catchy phrases, rather than exegeting the text to discover the message God intended to convey to us. This is “bumper-sticker preaching that produces a “bumper-sticker gospel.” Sounds good – but does not produce life, because it is not and does not contain “the power of God” [Rom. 1:16]

“Bumper sticker preaching” is leading people to hell while singing the praises of God because they have been deceived by “motivational gospel preachers” who are more concerned with popularity with people than being true to the accurate proclamation of “the Gospel of the Grace of God,’ which alone, has the POWER to save.